The Code for the BESTOW Pro App

                    //Get Loan Amount, Term in months, and interest rate from user
                    function getValues() {
                      let loanAmount = document.getElementById('loanAmount').value;
                      let monTerm = document.getElementById('term').value;
                      let interestRate = document.getElementById('interestRate').value;
                      //Parses strings to numerical values
                      loanAmount = parseFloat(loanAmount.replace(/\$|,/g, ''));
                      monTerm = parseInt(monTerm);
                      interestRate = parseFloat(interestRate.replace(/\$+% ?/g, ''));
                      //Formats Loan amount to US currency
                      document.getElementById('loanAmount').value = loanAmount.toLocaleString(
                          style: 'currency',
                          currency: 'USD',
                      //Puts percent at end of value
                      document.getElementById('interestRate').value = interestRate + '%';
                      //Construct an array of objects with payment info
                      const paymentArr = calculatePayments(loanAmount, monTerm, interestRate);
                      //Send array to display function
                      displayPaymentInformation(paymentArr, loanAmount);
                    //Calculate Monthly Payment, Principal, Interest, and cost
                    function calculatePayments(loan, months, rate) {
                      //Interest Payment
                      const c = rate / 1200;
                      //Power of morgage payment formula
                      const temp = Math.pow(1 + c, months);
                      //Monthly Payments is : loan * c * (1 + c) ^ months / (1 + c) ^ months -1
                      //Represented in JS Below.
                      let monthlyPayment = (loan * c * temp) / (temp - 1);
                      //Sets initial balance for calculations
                      let remainingBalance = loan;
                      //Tallys total  for life of loan
                      let totalInterestPaid = 0;
                      //Loan information for reach month is set here
                      const loanInfo = [];
                      //Calculates and stores information for display in array
                      for (let i = 1; i <= months; i++) {
                        let interestPaid = 0;
                        let principal = 0;
                        interestPaid = remainingBalance * c;
                        principal = monthlyPayment - interestPaid;
                        remainingBalance -= principal;
                        totalInterestPaid += interestPaid;
                          month: i,
                          payments: monthlyPayment,
                          principal: principal,
                          interest: interestPaid,
                          totalInterest: totalInterestPaid,
                          balance: remainingBalance,
                      return loanInfo;
                    //Display Result
                    function displayPaymentInformation(paymentArr, principal) {
                      let template = '';
                      //get table body element
                      const tableBody = document.getElementById('results');
                      //get templates
                      const templateRow = document.getElementById('bpTemplate');
                      //last index to get final values
                      const lastIndex = paymentArr.length - 1;
                      //reset table
                      tableBody.innerHTML = '';
                      //Sets monthly Payment in Total
                      document.getElementById('monthlyTotal').innerHTML = paymentArr[
                      ].payments.toLocaleString('us-US', {
                        style: 'currency',
                        currency: 'USD',
                      //Sets total Cost
                      document.getElementById('totalCost').innerHTML = (
                        paymentArr[lastIndex].totalInterest + principal
                      ).toLocaleString('us-US', {
                        style: 'currency',
                        currency: 'USD',
                      //Sets Principal
                      document.getElementById('totalPrincipal').innerHTML =
                        principal.toLocaleString('us-US', {
                          style: 'currency',
                          currency: 'USD',
                      //Sets total Interest
                      document.getElementById('totalInterest').innerHTML = paymentArr[
                      ].totalInterest.toLocaleString('us-US', {
                        style: 'currency',
                        currency: 'USD',
                      for (let i = 0; i < paymentArr.length; i++) {
                        //create a fragment or copy of the template made in HTML
                        let tableRow = document.importNode(templateRow.content, true);
                        //Gets just the tb elements and puts them into an array
                        let rowCols = tableRow.querySelectorAll('td');
                        //Fills 'td' array with data formmated to use currency
                        //from the passed in array.
                        rowCols[0].textContent = paymentArr[i].month;
                        rowCols[1].textContent = paymentArr[i].payments.toLocaleString('us-US', {
                          style: 'currency',
                          currency: 'USD',
                        rowCols[2].textContent = paymentArr[i].principal.toLocaleString('us-US', {
                          style: 'currency',
                          currency: 'USD',
                        rowCols[3].textContent = paymentArr[i].interest.toLocaleString('us-US', {
                          style: 'currency',
                          currency: 'USD',
                        rowCols[4].textContent = paymentArr[i].totalInterest.toLocaleString(
                          { style: 'currency', currency: 'USD' }
                        rowCols[5].textContent = paymentArr[i].balance.toLocaleString('us-US', {
                          style: 'currency',
                          currency: 'USD',
                        //Appends filled 'td' rows to the HTML Table

Bestow Pro App

getValues Function

This function gets the values from the user interface, passes them into the calculatePayments function, and passes the resulting array to the displayPaymentInformation function, for output to the user.

calculatePayments Function

This function takes the loan amount, term, and rate given by the user and uses the mortgage payment formula to determine the monthly payment, the total interest paid, the principal paid, and the remaining balance for each month. We accomplish this by taking the term and using it to make calculations for each month; once we complete all calculations, we store them in an object and push them into an array.

displayPaymentInformation Function

The purpose of the displayPaymentInformation function is to take the array generated by the calculatePayments and display it to the user through the UI. We do this by using a copy of the template row, putting the ‘td’ elements of that copy into an array, looping through each object of the passed in array, and assigning the proper formatted value to the text content of the ‘td’ object. Last, we append the result to the table's body.